Becoming a Tutor

Each tutor seems to bring their own unique skills ... to better support our Cyclone community.

Adam Jensen, Tutor Mentor at the ASC

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    Tutor Qualifications

    • Be enrolled as an Iowa State University undergraduate student.
    • Complete at least one semester at Iowa State University.
    • Have an ISU cumulative GPA of 3.00.
    • Minimum GPA of 3.00 for the most recent academic semester completed at ISU.
    • Earn a grade of B+ or higher in course(s) you want to tutor, taken here at Iowa State.
    • Tutors are expected to lead interactive, meaningful small group sessions and should not replace class instruction.
    • Tutors can work flexible schedules but must commit at least 5 hours per week and work the entire semester.
    • Tutors earn $15 an hour and have opportunities for training and professional and personal growth.
  • Tutor Hiring Process

    1. Complete an online application.
    2. You will be contacted for an interview after we review your application. We consider your application responses, courses, and schedule. Interviews take place in groups. This is your chance to demonstrate the skills we look for in our tutors. If you require accommodations for your interview please let us know when you schedule your interview.
    3. Review and sign a work agreement.
    4. Complete HR onboarding tasks and attend tutor orientation before Spring 2024.
Typical High Demand Courses
Typical High Demand Courses
Science CHEM 163 CHEM 167 CHEM 177 CHEM 178 CHEM 231 CHEM 331 BIOL 211 BBMB 221 BBMB 316 PHYS 115 PHYS 131 PHYS 132 PHYS 231 PHYS 232 COM S 228 COM S 230 COM S 311
Engineering C E 274 M E 231 M E 332 M E 335 M E 345 M E 421 M E 436 MAT E 273 E M 324
Math MATH 104 MATH 140 MATH 142 MATH 143 MATH 145 MATH 150 MATH 151 MATH 160 MATH 165 MATH 166 MATH 265 MATH 266 MATH 267
Others ACCT 284 ACCT 285 ECON 101 ECON 102 FIN 301 SCM 301 STAT 101 STAT 226 STAT 326 KIN 358