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Thank you for requesting an ASC workshop or tabling event.

Our workshops incorporate group activities and discussions to encourage student involvement. Students will be expected to engage with the facilitator and with each other during the workshop experience. The ASC also offers ongoing pre-scheduled workshops. You can also find a list of workshops on our website.

Once an available staff member has been identified you will receive a follow-up e-mail confirming our ability to facilitate your requested workshop. Your submission of a request is no guarantee a facilitator will be available.

Please contact 515-294-6624 or if you have any questions.


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Keep in mind that 2 weeks advanced notice is preferred and 1-week notice is required for your request to be considered.

Note: Overview of services will last 20 minutes and all other topics will be 30-60 minutes.

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Workshop Content

Please choose (1) of the following workshops. If you would like to request more than one workshop, please fill out a separate request form. All workshops require attendee participation and include work time. The Academic Success Center will consider custom workshops on a case-by-case basis. Please put additional details in the “additional information” box and make your request at least four weeks in advance.

Content Type
Overview of ASC Programs and Services: -- This workshop is designed to give participants an overview of the services and support offered by the Academic Success Center. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about Academic Coaching, Psych 131, Supplemental Instruction, Writing and Communication Consultants, and Tutoring Services. (It is best to request at the beginning of the semester)
The Study Cycle:This interactive workshop focuses on metacognition and utilizing the Study Cycle to succeed in courses. The Study Cycle is a 5-step approach designed to help students become more efficient learners. Workshop participants will learn how to approach their coursework in “learn” mode instead of “study” model. (It is best to request this workshop at the beginning of the semester)
Time Management -- In this interactive workshop, participants will learn strategies on how to effectively manage their time and prioritize their tasks.
Exam Preparation -- This workshop focuses on helping students effectively prepare for an upcoming exam. Participants will learn more about the 5-day study plan, different review and study strategies, and how to structure their study time before an exam. (This workshop should only be requested if the students have an upcoming exam within the next 10 or so days)
Final Exam Preparation -- Final Exam Preparation workshops will be available starting three weeks before prep week.
Designing Effective Visual Tools (e.g Slide Presentations, Websites, Flyers, Poster Presentations, and more) -- This workshop addresses the role of visual communication. In this workshop participants will learn about effective strategies such as visual rhetoric, universal design, and basic design principles.
Ethical Source Use (Avoiding Plagiarism) -- This workshop introduces strategies and resources for finding, evaluating, and organizing source information so that it can be easily and ethically integrated into student essays, speeches, etc. There is also an opportunity to practice paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting in order to avoid plagiarism.
Professional Documents: Scholarship Essays & Personal Statements -- This workshop introduces strategies for writing effective scholarship essays and personal statements, focusing on the purpose and audience for these types of narrative essays. Starting with typical prompt and formatting expectations, the workshop also emphasizes suggestions for drafting and revising scholarship essays. Additionally, personal statement types, different approaches, and tips for success are provided.
Public Speaking and Presentations -- This workshop describes useful tips for preparing and organizing a presentation including effective introductions, outlining techniques, delivery skills, and strategies for managing anxiety and processing constructive feedback.
The Writing Process -- This workshop reviews components of the writing process and provides strategies for getting ahead of procrastination, such as utilizing resources in conjunction with their own writing processes.
Revision Strategies and Peer Review -- This workshop addresses common revision strategies (focusing on global concerns like organization and thesis development), sentence-level or editing strategies (like using active voice), and strategies for peer review and processing feedback.
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