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Peer Academic Skills Coach

Peer Academic Skills Coaches support fellow undergraduate students in the development of academic skills including time management, study strategies, note taking, and goal setting. Peer Coaches serve as mentors and accountability partners through facilitating one-on-one student appointments and leading weekly Accountability Group sessions. Peer Coaches also conduct outreach initiatives for the Academic Success Center by presenting academic skills workshops to campus partners, classrooms, and student organizations. This position provides students the opportunity to make an impact on others and develop valuable skills such as relationship-building, leadership, public speaking, and organizational and professional skills. Learn more by visiting our webpages: Academic Skill Coaching, Accountability Groups, and Workshops

Communication Consultant

Communication Consultants are undergraduate students from all disciplines who are committed to helping their peers. Communication Consultants offer individualized assistance to students, staff, faculty, and community members across the disciplines working on any form of written, oral, visual, or electronic (WOVE) communication. Communication Consultants help students at all stages of the composition process, from brainstorming and organizing ideas to revising and polishing drafts. Writing and Communication Consultations does not offer editing or proofreading services. Instead, Communication Consultants help students evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their own work. Through assisting others, Communication Consultants gain valuable teaching and teamwork experience, hone their communication skills, and become better writers themselves.


A tutor provides course-specific academic support to small groups of undergraduate students. Each tutoring group meets at a consistent day and time throughout the semester. Tutors must have taken the course(s) that they want to tutor at Iowa State University and earned a B or higher. Tutors are paid $15/hr. Find out more information about becoming a tutor.


Supplemental Instruction Leader

SI Leaders are undergraduate students who provide peer academic support for an assigned course. SI Leaders assist in student learning and retention at Iowa State University through facilitation of SI sessions that help students better understand concepts and applications of course content.

Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

This paid leadership position in the Iowa State University Academic Success Center (ASC) provides an ISU undergraduate student the opportunity to coordinate and lead efforts in creating and managing brand and marketing for a complex multi-unit organization. The Social Media and Marketing Coordinator will help design and execute marketing plans, manage social media accounts for the ASC, make a cohesive content plan across all social media platforms, and support the ASC in communication efforts with partners and constituents.

ASC Front Desk Student Assistant

Student Assistants are undergraduate employees who work as front desk staff and office support staff in the Academic Success Center (ASC) for its four main programs: Academic Skills Coaching, Writing and Communication Consultations, Supplemental Instruction, and Tutoring Services.



ASC graduate assistants are typically hired during the I-Days process conducted by the School of Education Student Affairs Graduate Program. If you are not a current or prospective graduate student in the Student Affairs Program, you may contact the program coordinator of the program you are interested to inquire about openings.

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