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1.Click “Appointments” and then “Schedule an Appointment”.

2. Select "Academic Support" for the Care Unit.

3. Select "Writing and Communication Consultations" for the Service.

4.Select "Academic Success Center OR Virtual" for the Location, then choose from available days/times and schedule your appointment.

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I loved the clear and effective feedback I got and it enhanced the quality of my writing. Thank you for hiring great consultants!

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What it is

  • We do work with graduate students and undergraduate students on any written, oral, visual, or electronic communication project.
  • We do assist with any step of the writing process, from brainstorming to outlining to revising.
  • We do welcome students who write English as a second language (ESL).
  • We do work with graduate and professional students, but also suggest the programming and support offered by the Graduate College's Center for Communication Excellence.
  • We do hire communication consultants from a broad range of majors and communication expertise, but we don't guarantee they will have knowledge of your course or course content.
  • We do review cover letters, resumes, and application materials, but encourage students to visit the Career Services office associated with their college for the best support on those materials.

What it's not

  • We don't proofread or edit your papers for you. We do work with you to understand how to identify changes to improve the clarity, organization, and tone of your writing style. Consider using Iowa State's free subscription offer for Grammarly for more assistance.
  • We don't replace classroom instruction or office hours.
  • We don't just "correct" your Google Docs during a Google Doc appointment. All Google Docs consultations are synchronous, meaning the tutor and student are simultaneously present. We do not line edit your documents but rather, offer individualized assistance and suggestions to help improve your writing. Both the Google chat feature and comments will be used.
  • We don't formulate your thesis or major arguments for you.
  • We don't provide English conversation practice, but we would refer you to more resources provided by the ISSO.
  • We don't always have last-minute appointments available. Try to schedule an appointment a few days ahead to ensure we can assist you before an assignment is due.

Who it is for

  • Any student, at any step in their creation process. Our service is absolutely free!
  • We welcome clients for single sessions or to create recurring appointments for long-term communication projects and papers.
  • You can make up to three appointments per week, either in-person or online. Our appointments are 45 minutes in length.
  • AI can summarize complex ideas, begin documents with a strong template emphasis (like cover letters or proposals) and ask it to prompt you with questions as you begin the writing process.

    What about AI?

    All Iowa State University students, staff, and faculty now have access to Microsoft Copilot. Copilot is "generative AI", which ISU IT defines as, "AI that can generate new content—like text, images, etc.—on its own. Copilot is a generative tool: you can prompt it with something, and it will generate a response based on its underlying AI models and the web."

    Generative AI, like Copilot, can assist with idea generation and organization, and is especially helpful in the creation of documents with a clear template, like cover letters and proposals. However, just like with any technology or tool, students need to be aware of the course policies related to AI in order to ensure they do not overstep ethical boundaries in its use. You also need to watch out for incorrect information and take ownership for your learning process and learning products.


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    Coming soon

    We are currently developing resources and workshops to assist students with the utilization of AI and prompt-building in the classroom, particularly for classes which include a communication component. Watch this space for new assistance in the future.

    As always, make an appointment with a communication consultant for assistance that is always free and ethically allowed, no matter your class. We assist with any paper, presentation, poster, or whatever else you're working on.

What type of appointment should I make?

Appointment Options
Type of Appointment In-Person Appointments Google Docs Appointments Webex Appointments
Location Available in 2261 Hixson Lied Student Success Center Available wherever you have access to the internet Available wherever you have access to the internet
Process Best for working on any stage of the writing process Best for working on middle or late stages of a process Best for the brainstorming or early stages of writing process
Type of Project Appropriate for any kind of written, oral, visual, or electronic project Appropriate for written projects Appropriate for any kind of written, oral, visual, or electronic project
Hours Available Available from 8a-5p, Monday through Friday Available 8a-9p, Monday through Friday; 4p-9p on Sunday Available 8a-9p, Monday through Friday; 4p-9p on Sunday