• two students laughing on the lawn behind Hixson Lied Student Success

    Our Mission

    The Academic Success Center empowers students to seek academic support and collaborate with our trained peer leaders to promote impactful learning and community for all. We support, you succeed. 

  • Student in class, looking forward, present and engaged.

    Our Vision

    The Academic Success Center will connect all Iowa State students to impactful academic support services. We center the student voice and empower them to grow into collaborative and self-directed lifelong learners. 

  • A group of three students collaborating on a project

    Our Values

    The ASC believes in... 

    Community: We value peer-to-peer learning environments, student-centered innovation, and the power of relationships in student success.  

    Accountability: We use data to ensure that we are providing consistent, effective, and accessible student success and retention efforts. 

    Collaboration: We communicate with students, faculty, and staff across campus to collaborate in innovative ways.    

    Holistic Wellness: We seek to understand the whole student to best support their academic growth. 

  • Here is a word cloud capturing what our staff has to say about ASC's values:

    Word cloud of words such as "supportive", "strengthen", "empowerment", collaborative", "welcoming", etc.