Academic Skills Coaching

Interested in Academic Skills Coaching?

To be placed with an Academic Skills Coach for ongoing support, first meet with an Academic Success Navigator to discuss your needs and goals.

Our Navigators will place you with a Coach who fits your schedule and needs!

What it is

Academic Skills Coaching is the one-on-one process of helping a student examine academic concerns and perceived barriers to success. Coaches provide individual semester-long support, assess the student’s strengths and needs, and devise a personalized plan of action in the following areas:

  • Time management
  • Procrastination
  • Exam preparation
  • Note taking
  • Reading strategies 

What it's not

  • Academic Skills Coaching is not a one-time meeting and works best on a recurring schedule.
  • We encourage students who would like to have a single meeting with someone to assist their success goals to meet with our Academic Success Navigator.

Who it is for

Any student who wants to:

  • Articulate their academic strengths and areas for growth
  • Take responsibility for their learning
  • Manage adversity to promote personal growth
  • Make choices to expand their knowledge and skills to help them achieve their academic goals
  • Practice purposeful leadership by collaborating and finding common ground with their coach in effort to reach their academic goals

My coach was very personable and understanding that I didn't have very much experience studying. I set my goals, got a calendar set up for the semester, and learned about different strategies for note taking. They have good tips and tricks to be successful!

Past student