• Reverse Outlining as a Strategy for Revision from Purdue OWL

    A common misconception is that the job of communication consultants is to "fix", "proofread", or "edit" work during an appointment. Appointments are a good time for communication consultants to identify patterns which the writer might decide to fix, including elements of style, clarity, content, context, etc. For help with grammar, please register for Grammarly account, which is free to Iowa State University faculty, staff, and students. Grammarly identifies issues and will correct these issues with you.

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Resume Reviewing and Mock Interview Prep

Big Interview: a online mock interview tool that is free for ISU students! This website will review your resume for you, as well as help you practice interview techniques. Access Big Interview through under Shortcuts on your CyHire homepage or go to: https://iastate.biginterview.com/. Click on ‘Register’ in the upper right-hand corner, and use your ISU email/password to create an account.


Tips when Drafting a Resume, by Discipline

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While we are happy to meet with Graduate Students, we recommend that they consider the services and resources provided by the Communication Center for Excellence

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